Too old for Nancy Drew?

Too young for Miss Marple?

Bad Penny

is the Gen X sleuth you’ve been waiting for!

She has attitude.

She has issues.

She has sex.


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Meet Penny Ambrose

The Countdown Begins: Bad Penny’s Journey to Print!

Penny Ambrose, sent to prison after participating in a fraud devised by her husband, spent two years behind bars. Society will forever label her as yet another Black criminal.

But Penny is determined to abide the law, pay her court-ordered restitution, and rebuild her life. Facing eviction, she needs money fast but has few options considering her record.

With no family and few friends, Penny is sinking fast. Then her former lover, a powerful business attorney, is found dead in a field outside downtown Fort Worth. Penny inherits his fortune, and all suspicious eyes turn toward her.

Once again Penny is swept up in another man’s drama that threatens to send her back to jail—if she’s lucky.

What are you waiting for?

Bad Penny is ready for you

But are you ready for Bad Penny?