About Penny

attractive Black woman partially hidden in shadow

Born to a single mother who resented her, Penny was a shy but friendly girl being raised by her grandmother until her death forced Penny to deal with her mother alone.

In order to cope, Penny spent as much time as possible away from home. When she’s nearly expelled from high school for delinquency, she gains the bad reputation that would haunt her.

Life improves for Penny after graduating high school, and for years it seems as if her troubled past has released her from its grasp. Then an embarrassing situation tears her from the one she loves and plunges her back into the familiar role of the bad girl. Going to prison for fraud doesn’t help, either.

It’s hard, but Penny does her best to deal with challenges as they come to prevent self pity from taking control. She is determined to make good.

Penny is no saint and she doesn’t try to be. She has her vices, one of them being a good tumble in the hay, and her pride has prevented her from asking for help and possibly obtaining the happiness she desires.

But at the end of the day, Penny Ambrose knows a bad penny still has worth even if society believes it doesn’t, and when you underestimate her, it is you who will lose.